The desk that makes you stand out.

Many UX:ers do their magic from home, as many creatives. And I don’t blame them. They got their own company, do their own accounts, tear their own hair out, in their own apartments. But please, take care of your posture!

If you search for UX on Insta, you will see at least 50% desks. It’s all about making your home office as clean as possible, avoiding visible cords.

Let me give you an example:

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Yes,, it’s neat. Or is it too neat? Most people do not have the energy to create this kind of space – even more to keep it this way more than a day.

The catch of an unofficial office

My dad has had some serious back pain since he shifted from an office in town to his home office and he is treating lumbago a couple of times a year now.

And why is that? He had a sit and stand desk at his prior office. Now he is struggling with round kitchen tables and chairs. And I can’t say I am any better, writing this from a sofa, bent over a coffee table.

If we don’t have a degree in interior design, what can we do?

Get up

That is the solution. You not only lose a few love grams, but you also can become more creative.

One of my friends here in England got an idea when we went to IKEA to buy some furniture. He liked the function of the SKARSTA sit-stand desk, but not the actual top. So he bought the frame and called a carpenter who made a real wood top in solid oak from Yorkshire. The idea was born. Here is Joe:

It cannot only be me who wants a sit-stand solid oak table?

That is true, now I want one too.

Another benefit is money

Almost at the same time, he stumbled upon an article about large desks has an impact on the economy for a company in any size. This is interesting. When I think of my dad “going to the office”, I always see that big old white desk full of papers and binders and… stuff. And a very big computer screen. Today we only need our flat screen or laptop, no paper.

A small desk can save space in our homes or at our offices. I will order this little oak table when I get the money for it.


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