This is how I stay focused in my home office

No, this is not how I stay focused. But when I have been focused for a week, this is relaxing time. There are challenges in working from home and here we go through just 4 simple tricks.

Show your office!

I want to show you how I work these days. It is far from fancy, but I feel the urge to use a small desk. One of my biggest wins are that I can move it to different rooms depending on feeling.

Close up of a note with queen of England.

What is “professional” text?

I saw this very interesting article on Medium today about the professional voice in formal text. I always thought we need to be more formal to sound professional.…

The desk that makes you stand out.

Many UX:ers do their magic from home, as many creatives. And I don’t blame them. They got their own company, do their own accounts, tear their own hair out, in their own apartments. But please, take care of your posture!