I like dogs, walks and to write words that you don’t even notice.

UX? Copy? Content? Oh yes, my friend. You are at the write place.

Why text is important:

Text and content on The Internet is difficult because two different types of worlds will read it.

  1. A robot need to understand what the text is about, and he cares most about giving you relevant information for your inquiries.
  2. A human also needs to understand the text and want to experience, learn or get something in return.

This is where UX-writing and microcopy come into play, but invisibly. Its only purpose is to make your connected life easy.

  • Is the webpage I am using easy to navigate?
  • Can I quickly fill in my credit card number?
  • Fill in a form?
  • Click this link? How? Where?

If your web page provides a comfy environment, your guests will feel welcomed and cared for. And they will return.

Why text is difficult to write:

We see text and words in so many more places right now. More than ever. It’s in the search bar of your music app, it’s on the web page you use every day, it’s in webshops with an address form. To make the internet human we need those small texts written by human beings.

Maybe it’s just one word? Uh-huh, the right word. You want the right stuff.

Simply: Choose your words. Or choose someone who chooses your words. (Me?)

Why your visitors (and you) will like a good text:

They feel safe and you get better figures.

They also will return.

Do you want to know more about how to use letters and words to create texts that bring life and validity to your website?

Type your email address below, and I will contact you asap.

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